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"At Christ Church Primary School this is our second year we have worked with Football 1st Academy. They deliver Football and Fitness to a very high standard throughout the school. They also deliver the Healthy Eating and Fitness Programme which has been a huge success with the two year groups they have worked with. As a school we believe our children are valued and supported by Football 1st Academy. They are a professional company who makes learning fun, interactive and provide challenge for all."

Mrs Calvert Deputy Head
Christ Church Charnock Richard Primary School

Football 1st Academy would like to welcome you to the schools section of our website.

We take great pride in the links/partnerships we have established within primary and secondary schools we work with. Relationships we have built within the schools with teachers, children and parents are very important to us and continue to grow stronger day by day, week by week and year by year.

Football 1st Academy has a range of exciting education packages to suite all schools and children’s needs. We understand each school works in different ways and with this in mind our packages are flexible to suite your requirements. We can offer bespoke packages which work towards achieving curriculum outcomes and supporting teachers.

Below are a range of exciting packages we are pleased to offer your school, however our options and viewpoints are always open so if you have an idea or feel something more bespoke to what you see below would benefit your school and curriculum please get in contact with us to discuss further.


Teacher Release/PPA Cover

We provide schools with Teacher Release time and PPA Cover which is curricular linked physical and classroom based education activities, which can be adapted to your schools individual needs. Here at Football 1st Academy we understand that children learn in different ways and develop at different stages and with this knowledge our coaches/teachers are highly trained and have huge amounts of experience to deal with all levels of abilities aswell as as all types of personalities so that children can reach their maximum potential in and out of the classroom.





Healthy Eating and Fitness Education Package (Teacher Release/PPA Cover)

Our Healthy Eating and Fitness package is very popular within the schools we currently work with with. The package is curricular linked and runs great side by side any healthy eating projects or sports weeks you have planned within your school or even make it part of your schools  Sports Premium Action Plan.

The package is both physical and classroom based where all sessions are structured and child centred, activities delivered are challenging but achievable. The children are provided with their very own Healthy Eating and Fitness work booklet which covers a wide range of areas surrounding the subject which really gets the children engaged into the different food groups and the importance surround keeping fit and healthy. Aswell as the work booklet children also take part in practical learning activities in the classroom where smoothie making takes place which is a big hit with both children and staff, food group mobiles are designed and assembled and all this is delivered by our very own fully qualified teacher with over 30 years experience.

Within the package physical fitness sessions are delivered to the children where they get chance to take part in fitness circuits, balance and co-ordination activities and whilst doing these activities the children are learning the importance of regular exercise and the benefits it gives to us all. This all links nicely back into the classroom sessions which give an action packed, fun filled learning experience. We can accommodate two classes at the same time which gives you as a school added benefits within your PPA Cover or Teacher Release time. Both classes would get to experience both classroom and physical sides of the learning spectrum which keeps them engaged, inspired and fresh.

For a more detailed and in depth look at this package please contact us by Clicking Here and we can arrange to come to your school to meet with the management team to discuss your requirements and take a closer look at this fantastic learning opportunity for your children.

Morning Kick Start Clubs

Our Morning Kick Start Clubs are a great way to get children ready and energised for the day ahead. These clubs run in the same format as our Dinner Time Clubs (See Below). We do not provide food or drinks at these clubs children must come ready fueled. All sessions we deliver are structured, fun and tailored to the participants individual needs. The club can be used as part of your schools premium funding or charged to the parents/guardians. Since we added this club to our programme it has become very popular with schools and children with teachers saying how much of a positive effect it has had on children starting the day fresh and ready learn in the classroom. 



Dinner Time Clubs

Let us ease the pressure of a hectic dinner time by choosing our Dinner Time Clubs. The clubs are a great way to keep the children engaged throughout Dinner Times whilst continuing their learning, development and improving fitness levels. We can deliver a wide range of activities from Football through to Multi Skills which gives the children a wide variety of challenges in order for them to reach their goals. This club is a big hit with schools and children to the point that schools are now having the club running all year round! Please contact us to see how this club can work in your school. 

After School Clubs – Week Long Monday to Friday Programme

Our After School Club/Programme is a great opportunity for children of all abilities to experience high quality structured and fun based activity sessions. The sessions are delivered by our high qualified and experienced coaches who really do make it an experience to remember from start to finish . Sessions are run within school so it gives all children the opportunity to learn and have fun within their comfort zone which will enhance their learning and development.  The club will offer children a chance to try new and exciting skills and techniques as well as improve on existing ones along with helping and improving balance, co-ordination and social skills. The Club/Programme runs for one whole week Monday to Friday at the end of the school day.  Upon completion of the course all attendees will have their very own presentation where they will receive a huge goodie bag along with a certificate of attendance.




Sponsored Skills Challenge

If you are wanting something that all the school can join in why not try one of our Sponsored Skills Challenges. We work with every child in the school teaching them five skills/techniques which they try and develop. This is a great way to build confidence, balance, co-ordiantion and raise self-esteem, aswell as having lots of fun in the safe learning environment of their own school.  This is also a great way to introduce new skills and techniques along with improving and practicing existing ones.

 All children will be provided with a Football 1st Academy sponsorship form which they take away and try to gain as many sponsors as possible to raise vital funds for the school with the view that the school will put the money toward beneficial resources for the children. All money raised is split 50/50 between the school and Football 1st Academy, so if your school is looking for extra playtime equipment or learning resources then what a great way of raising funds whilst giving the children of your school the chance to take part in this exciting event. An assembly will be delivered after the event where we present lots of prizes and share thoughts from the challenge.



Football - Cricket - Multi Skills - Fitness 

Here at Football 1st Academy we are more than just football. We offer a wide range of activities and all activities are a great way to introduce children to a mix of skills and techniques and improve on existing ones as well as boosting confidence and raising self-esteem. These sessions can be designed to fit your school’s curriculum as well as extracurricular timetable. For further details on all activities we deliver please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 



Gifted and Talented Sessions

If you are looking for specialised coaching within the areas of football, fitness or SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) and want to offer children in your school who are developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group or have shown potential to develop abilities within the above areas, then let us help these children take their abilities to the next level. The sessions we offer are like all our sessions structured and delivered in a way which assesses what each individual child needs in order for them to progress and to gain full benefit from the tailored sessions and strive for excellence. To discuss your requirements and to see how these sessions can fit into your schools structure please click here for our contact details.

School Football Team Coaching

As part of our programme we offer coaching sessions specifically working with school football teams. This coaching is aimed to give players who play for school teams the highest quality coaching which will help them with all aspects of their game, in the hope they can then take this experience and knowledge into their school football matches. We want players to focus on their development and to educate them that this always comes before results. We can do one off sessions which maybe as a treat or can run sessions  in blocks of how ever many weeks you want.




Heartstart and Defibrillator Training

Here at Football 1st Academy we have fully trained Heartstart and Defibrillator instructors. We are very passionate about this training and know just how important the life-saving skills we teach can be. The training can be delivered to staff, non-teaching staff and children and runs through all aspects of emergency life-saving/support skills. We have our very own Resusci Anne so participants can practice CPR and along with using our fully functional training Defibrillator. The training aims to build confidence and knowledge should you ever have an emergency situation on your hands you know exactly what to do to save a life.

With this very important and worth while training together both adults and children can save lifes. We know this type of training is not given in all schools but should be. We also offer schools help with sourcing defibrillators if they haven’t already got one in place. To book your training sessions or for a more in depth analysis please Click Here to contact us.


Football 1st Academy  has its own fully functional Defibrillator which is carried with staff when attending sessions which gives peace of mind to both us and the people we work with that in the event of an emergency the best possible care is given.




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